A New Path

The m-Power Company, a premier independent consultant practice with a focus on small to medium size business in the private and public markets, works in a new partnership with Economic Strategist to provide Organizations with access to a specialized highly unique copyrighted Spendthrift Trusts that has been copyrighted and specifically designed to protect their income revenues from unnecessary tax liabilities, secure complete control of their assets, and provide them with absolute privacy.

For the m-Power Company, the Specialized Copyrighted Spendthrift Trust Platform will serve as an indispensable tool to provide Asset Protection, Tax Benefits, and Privacy that will allow businesses to continue to grow and thrive in today’s marketplace. The m-Power Company chose Economic Strategist because of the depth and breadth of their highly specialized Trust options and the following Business Advantages:

  • The Specialized Spendthrift Trust is ideally constructed to benefit retired individuals with significant net worth, high profile athletes and celelebrities; but also provides a tremdendous competitive advantage to entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, physicians, businesses in real estate, oil/gas exploration or any companies with the potential for significant capital gains penalties and high exposure to liability lawsuits. Click to learn more Case Law Rulings
  • The Specialized Trust is the “Titanium Vault” of protection when created and used in a proper and lawful manner. The Trust has proven to withstand court judgments, tax liens, lawsuits, divorce claims, bankruptcies, levies and seizures. It also eliminates the need for a Will and bypasses Probate.
  • The Specialized Spendthrift Trust is supported by the Constitution of the United States, the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service, so that the Trust cannot be investigated or have the ability to be overturned for any reason.
  • The Specialized Trust will provide multiple opportunities regarding Tax Benefits. This is not a tax dodge, it’s a tax deferment. All capitalization or endowments, capital gains, extraordinary dividends, real estate transactions and stock dividends realized in this type of Trust are not considered income, therefore a non-Taxable event, to the Trust when allocated to the corpus.**
    (**This complies with IRS Tax Code, specifically Rule 643. Specific Provisions are uniquely intertwined into this Specialized and Copyrighted Trust to work together as a system that provides the utmost legal protection, tax advantages and privacy.)
  • The main advantage of Spendthrift Trust is it can operate any lawful business anywhere in the world. It has limited liability and many of the advantages of a corporation with none of the disadvantages.


We work with organizations around the following strategic platforms:

  • Growth & Innovation
  • Purpose-Led Transformation
  • Digital Enterprise Strategy
  • Rapid Profit Transformation
  • Finance Strategy
  • We offer clients a broad range of fully integrated consulting services, combining insights and innovation with business and industry knowledge to help your company build strategic, focused competitive advantages.


    The m-Power Company is a management consulting and professional services company that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services. Our philosophy combines our multi-disciplinary approach with deep, practical industry knowledge to help clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities.

    Our success depends on cultivating and celebrating diverse skill sets, backgrounds, and values, and we enable leadership throughout our communities through pro-bono and volunteer work that leverages our skills and experience to help others achieve their goals.

    Case Law

    Understanding the legal aspects, asset protection and tax code as related to Trust is vital to estate planning. A contract in the form of a Spendthrift Trust does not owe its existence to any act of the legislature. The authority for its creation is the common law right of the parties to enter into a contract which the Constitution recognizes. According to American Law, the government cannot regulate or impose a tax upon a right. Our “right to contract” according to the Constitution of the United States, Article. §10 is “unimpariable”. That means that it is not within the power of the government or even a judge to change one word of a Contract of Trust. Once the property is transferred into a Spendthrift Trust, it is subject to its own indenture which governs and protects the property held by it. The government can ONLY regulate and tax entities it creates.

    A specialized Spendthrift Trust has the income tax requirement to pay only the tax on the income money that the corpus or endowments of the trust earns “unless deemed to be paid to the corpus according to the terms and conditions of the Trust”. If set up properly, all capitalizations or endowments of the Trust are non-taxable. Like corporations, Revocable Living Trusts are statutory and are subject to legislative control and taxation. A Revocable Living Trust is required to file a 1041 Form each year. While the income in a corporation is taxable and the endowments to a Revocable Living Trust are taxable, the capitalizations or endowments to a specialized Spendthrift Trust are not.



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